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Gabriella van Rij inspires corporations, businesses, and organizations to tap into the power of Kindness to create a safe and healthy environment that attracts—and keeps—employees, clients, and your future customers.


A dynamic keynote speaker, founder of the #DaretobeKind movement, and the Kindness expert, Gabriella evokes, educates, and empowers employees through talks on effective communication, acceptance vs. tolerance, and the innate-but-underutilized Kindness ability we each have within us.


I'm pivoting! Let me help you recession-proof your business!

During these COVID-times, speaking engagements are not in high demand. But this gives me the opportunity to return to my marketing roots and offer them to you.

From social media starter kits to launching campaigns for your product or business—I will tailor my services to meet your needs and fit your budget (because we're all in this together).

With Kindness and eager anticipation,



The Dynamic Speaker


Shifting perceptions,

Creating moments of clarity to...

  • Improve communication

  • Understand our reactions

  • Pinpoint our learned biases

  • Rephrase judgments to opinions

  • Set our potential free

​Gabriella's dynamic and passionate talks spring from her rich tapestry of life experiences. She has earned the right to share her wisdom because she has lived what she shares. She has tested, tried, and walked the talk. 

The special ingredients that make her talks magical are the memorable analogies and real-life examples that stick with audience members long after the talk ends.

Gabriella's subject matter expertise has captivated millions on Dr. Phil, ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX.  

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Effective Communication

Help your employees optimize their communication for success by providing them with access to the techniques of top communicators. Find out how workplace culture and communication habits are directly linked to business sustainability, employee retention, and workplace safety and health. 


The Untapped Advantage


Grasp the role kindness plays in effective communication to hone and develop the most underutilized skill in today's corporate world.


Kindness is a communication tool that will strengthen your relationships with your clients, employees, and co-workers. 


Tolerance vs. Acceptance


In an increasingly multi-cultural world, employers and business owners must learn to go beyond tolerance and actively display acceptance of other cultures in their actions, customer service, and marketing. Learn how tolerance is only a polite form of being intolerant, and what businesses need to do instead.


Eradicating Harassment

Workplace harassment not only deeply injures the victims but can also tarnish the organization’s reputation. Eradicating harassment starts by creating a safe and respectful environment for all employees through awareness of common pitfalls and the implementation of safety measures.

Tailored Talks For Any Business


Keynote talks can be tailored to meet event requirements and audience interest.

Ideal for:

Events, conferences, year-end celebrations, or other large corporate meetings.

Topics include:

Kindness in the workplace, Effective Communication, Tolerance vs. Acceptance, Diversity in the workplace, Women's Empowerment, etc.

"Her presentation connected with students, faculty, and staff. To gauge her impact, all you have to do is watch all the people line up to talk with her. It is something special to witness.

—Tim Wynes, President, Black Hawk College


Small-group sessions provide space for reflection, discussion, & lasting change.

Ideal for:

Committees, employee divisions, HR, management, trainers, etc.

Topics include:

Post-discussion of keynote talk theme, e.g., how-tos for creating safer environments through Kindness and effective communication, etc.

"The applause as the presentation ended was a clear indication that Gabriella had “hit a homer.” Members thanked her with many smiles in gratitude for her outstanding presentation.

—The Gimlet, Rotary Club of Duluth


Half-day workshops to help implement proven techniques and provide targeted training.

Ideal for:

Replicating methods and techniques in-house and across divisions and branches.

Topics include:

Post-discussion of keynote talk theme, e.g., how-tos for creating safer environments through Kindness and effective communication, etc.

"Creating a Kindness Culture in the Workplace helped our members remember that we all have a role to play in creating supportive work environments in concert with our colleagues.

—Christine Regan Davi, Vice Presient, sales, Product Quest and WISE


Branding and marketing consultations on how to uncover and utilize your unique niche.

Ideal for:

Business owners, coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs, and authors.

Topics include:

Monthly coaching, website branding & creation, introduction to industry specialists, manuscript evaluation, niche targeting, etc.

"Gabriella has an amazing ability to draw out the deepest parts of you, helping you see that you will be successful. This has created a drive within me to succeed and to do it in a big way.

—Solomon Powell, Children's Author

Her Published Works


Author of 4 books, Gabriella writes on social issues and provides practical solutions for those who are facing discrimination or who feel isolated due to their circumstances.

With All My Might, published in 2010, is a personal memoir on one of the first cross-cultural adoptions of the 1960s with deep insight on how to overcome life's obstacles.

I Can Find My Might, published in 2014, is a book for teachers, students, and parents that need help understanding bullying and cyber torment.

Watch Your Delivery, published in 2016, is a fun little book on communication and how unfiltered, uncensored and unacceptable our way of interacting is both at home and in the workplace.

Kindness Is A Choice, published in January 2020, is the culmination of Gabriella's life's work. A definitive guide on Kindness and how it can change your relationships both in the home and at the workplace.

The one common thread that unites all her books, is that the emotions resonate with many...


The Kindness Expert

The leading advocate on Kindness and a dedicated researcher, Gabriella articulated what would become the Dare To Be Kind Movement (#D2BK) in 2010, while writing her first book With All My Might. Since then, the movement has expanded across the globe. In January 2020, Gabriella published Kindness Is A Choice, a definitive guide that shows how to solve workplace conflicts, relationship friction, and societal issues through choosing Kindness.

The #D2BK movement's over-arching goal is to show how kindness can be used in practical ways to build safer communities and healthier relationships. 

Founder and Trailblazer of the
Kindness Movement

The vision is a SAFER world.
The method is KINDNESS.

The vehicle is YOU!


Based in the United States, Gabriella travels to any location for Keynotes, Talks, and Workshops.

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