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Gabriella Van Rij

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Drawing from groundbreaking science, her immense cross-cultural experience and her signature wit, Gabriella inspires organizations to tap into the power of kindness—the most underutilized skill in today’s world.

Adopted from an orphanage in Pakistan and one of the first cross-cultural adoptions of the 1960s, Gabriella van Rij has an undeniable story that has led to her life’s work. In the keynotes she delivers and through her activism work, Gabriella reveals that the hidden ingredient in working toward public health and well-being, equality, peace, justice, and strong and stable infrastructure is kindness.

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Nobody strikes another coming from a positive place.

Diversity needs acceptance.

Kindness creates a company that runs smoothly, one where you would like to work.

One of the kindest things we can do is to watch our delivery.

We as a society have dropped the ball of human kindness. Will you help me pick it up?

Dare to step into you!

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Tap into the power of kindness—the most underutilized skill in today’s world.