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Her Published Works

Kindness Is A Choice

The definitive guide that shows how to solve workplace conflicts, relationship friction, and societal issues through choosing Kindness.

A powerful synopsis of essential human needs: kindness, compassion, acceptance and empathy. Gabriella has hit the ball out of the park with her insightful commentary on the elements surrounding the subject of kindness.

—  William Boyd, Past President, Rotary Club (Santa Barbara Sunrise)

With All My Might

In 1966, a 3-year-old travels from an orphanage in Pakistan to a diplomat's house in the Netherlands. Gabriella's story is unique, the emotions are universal.

Gabriella’s book With All My Might is an example of how a person can succeed in life with intelligence, determination, and pride despite obstacles. Her story is fascinating and so is she.

—Gloria Greer, Palm Springs, CA

I Can Find My Might

Part memoir, part self-help, this practical resource for students, parents, and educators touches on issues ranging from social media to standing up for yourself and others.

A must read for anyone who works with children. Gabriella gets to the heart of how a child really feels when they are bullied and made to think they don’t fit in anywhere. ... This book needs to be placed in school libraries around the world.

—Elizabeth Seng, Teacher, Our Lady Of Grace Catholic Academy, Illinois

Watch Your Delivery

A revelatory look at the hidden sources of miscommunication, shown through fun, relatable comics. Plus, simple methods that anyone can use to improve their communication.

A gentle and funny reminder about how easy it is for me to change my tone for the better when dealing with my students and clients.

—HollyJean Cosner, Pilates Master

When longing for belonging can lead to feeling like an outcast

Labels, labels, labels. Why can't I just be known by "me" instead of by my affiliations, country, company, or religion? As an adoptee, perhaps I have felt the devastating effect of labels more strongly than others. Classmates labeled me orphan, Paki, peanut butter (for my brown skin), and the list went on.

Read full article on NY Daily News.


How to Be a Lady Online—What Our Parents Couldn’t Teach Us

Have you ever wanted to quit social media? At times, when I see the awful things people say to each other, it makes me want to throw my hands up in the air!

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One Young Man’s Quest In The Movie Lion (2016) Gives Hope To Others Searching For Answers…

How can one sentence in a movie open the floodgates to the deep emotions I carry around? Mostly forgotten on a daily basis as life demands my attention… But there are moments like this moment where life draws you back to the sadness that lies beneath…

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Why being kind could help you live longer

What can kindness do for you? Give you a warm glow perhaps, or a feeling of well-being? While that may be true, scientists and academics at a new research centre say it can do much more - it can extend your life. (Tips for living a kinder life by Gabriella van Rij)

Read full article on BBC.

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