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The Kindness Expert Presents…

The Stress-Free Method
for Online Class Creation

Teachers, Get Out of Panic Mode in One Easy Move! 

Feel lost on Zoom or Google Classrooms?

Overwhelmed teaching hybrid classes, both online and offline?

Want to make the online teaching experience easier for you and better for your students?

Dear Teachers,

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the challenges of teaching during a pandemic, you are not alone.

We are now facing unprecedented challenges in every corner of society--and perhaps overwhelmingly by parents, teachers, and students.

In this 2020 to 2021 school year, teachers in Iowa (and likely many other states, too) must have online classes as well as regular in-classroom classes prepared.

I have talked with my teacher friends, and you are not alone in feeling overwhelmed. Let me help. In another lifetime, I ran a small company called Panic PC, so I'd like to offer you my help right now.

Let my energy, computer know-how, and teaching skills provide you with dedicated and joyful support that will get your classes online fast!

With Kindness,




  • Stop worrying. Start learning how to use Google classrooms or any software you need for teaching online.

  • Get a fantastic deal at $25 per hour/per teacher; group sessions allow for this steep discount.

  • Find out shortcuts, hacks, and tips to make online class creation a breeze!


Teachers rock! And I want to make this as affordable as possible, so the more teachers sign up, the more efficiently and affordably I can offer you my services.

  • Get private 1-on-1 help with setting up your computer for online classes and class creation.

  •  Learn how to use any program you need in order to effectively and efficiently teach your students this school year.

  • Let me write out a step-by-step tutorial/manual that you can follow so you will feel in control as you adapt to hybrid classrooms.

I have taught more than 5,000 classes for Fortune 500 companies like Olivetti and IBM. Let me help you get out of panic mode and into a thriving, stress-free school year.

Learn Online


What type of help would you like?

Help is on the way!

Copyright 2020 Gabriella van Rij

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