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Dear Reader,

Most of us want to be accepted for who we are but then we are embarrassed by who we are and try to hide what is in plain sight.

We crave normalcy, to be like the person next to us. We are afraid to do something wrong, so we try to disappear… Before we know it, we forget who we are because we have conformed to a situation just to find belonging in a group, a family, or at work. Fast forward in life, and we realize we have disappeared.

We put ourselves in a box—not for our benefit—but for others, to make them comfortable—it took me years to understand that.

With my voice I hope to be a light, the light I wish I had during what I call the tunnel of life, at those moments when it is so bleak and dark that a flashlight that comes with wisdom and experience from someone who walked where you are walking is the best gift of all.

I found my might. One of my greatest desire is to help you find your voice and your might, too!

With Kindness,


P.S.: Have a question for me? I'd love to help. Please write in!

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