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At Digital Moves, we understand that it is imperative to see your idea become a reality.

Finding the right person to accomplish that can be challenging, to say the least!  


After years of finding out what didn’t work and dodging sleazy Internet tricksters, we’ve come up with a simple method for getting the best results, no matter your budget size.

Digital Moves:
Results are all you need

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We Offer

Tailor-made services to assist individuals or businesses in improving their Digital Print on the Internet.


From websites to social media, with video clips to hold the attention of your future customers. You have less than 20 seconds to get your message across.

Web Sites

No job is too small or too large...

From setting up your new brand with logos on Social Media to creating websites and 60 seconds video clips to creating complex websites.


Whether you need content for your website or blog, editing your book, or your thesis, our team can help you.

We have vast talent and experience in the last 15 years with online marketing and media skills.

"She took the time to discover my strengths
to help get my message out to the public." 


I want to say how grateful and honored I am to have met Gabriella. She is lively, full of wisdom, and always here to help. She took the time to discover my strengths to help get my message out to the public. She helped me launch my brand and book video, created my website from scratch, and helped create content to get my message out. If I have an off-track idea, she lets me know in such a funny and informative way. 


Unlike anyone I have met, she has a wealth of knowledge and skills. She isn’t the kind of person who is after your pocketbook because she cares deeply for you and expresses deep kindness. I am honored and blessed to have her in my life because we are improving this world.

—Keith (Coach & Author)

See What They Say

See What they Say

Who are We?

We Listen, We Act

At Digital Moves, we believe that every business deserves to succeed. That's why we've spent years perfecting our methodology to get the best marketing results, no matter your budget size.

We're not like those sleazy internet tricksters who promise the world and deliver nothing. We're a team of experienced marketing consultants who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Whether you need help with social media, SEO, or anything in between, we've got you covered.

Hire a Digital Marketer to focus only on the Moves that target and capture your niche. 


Gabriella van Rij is the Kindness expert and a 4-time published author whose expertise landed her on the Dr. Phil Show and countless other TV engagements. 


Let her energy, connections, and services help you stop stressing and start recession-proofing your business.

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