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The Kindness Expert Presents…

Meaningful Marketing Moves

For a Marketing-Weary World

Anxious over what the future holds for your business?

Unsure of what moves to make that will keep your business afloat?

Losing business to your competitors because of tone-deaf social media posts?

Get a marketing specialist who focuses only on the marketing moves that target and capture your niche.


Gabriella van Rij is the Kindness expert and a 4-time published author whose expertise landed her on the Dr. Phil Show and countless other TV engagements.


Let her energy, connections, and services help you stop stressing and start recession-proofing your business.


“After years of finding out what didn’t work and dodging sleazy Internet tricksters, I’ve come up with a simple method for getting the best results no matter the budget size. I have used these tried-and-proven methods to get myself in front of the public eye—and these are the same methods I offer to my clients. ”—Gabriella van Rij

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  • Images are powerful, but a tone-deaf image or caption can harm more than help.

  • For businesses that want to strike the right tone during an economically complex time.

  • Includes: Social media images and promo blurbs for up to 3 platforms (FB, Twitter, Instagram).

  • Stop worrying. Start focusing on developing an actionable plan tailored for your business.

  • For individuals who want to jump start to turning their long-time dream into a reality.

  • Includes: 1-on-1 phone consult, a step-by-step launch and/or business plan, niche development.

  • Rebranding aligns what you have to offer with current trends in consumer wants and needs.

  • For coaches, authors, and products that need a rebrand to attract new clientele.

  • Includes: 1-on-1 phone consults, landing page creation, essential images for rebranding.

  • Discover if the Kindness Expert can unveil the right moves for you and your business.

  •  You care about character, values, and business ethics. You need a marketer who does, too.

  • Includes: laughter, fun, optimism, and an upbeat conversation with a real-life person without a template.

What my happy clients say

She took the time to find out what my strengths were to help get my message out to the public.


I just want to say how grateful and honored I am to have met Gabriella. She is lively, full of wisdom, and always here to help. She took the time to find out what my strengths were to help get my message out to the public. She helped me launch my brand, my book video, created my website from scratch, and helped create content to get my message out. If I have an idea that is off track, she lets me know in such a funny and informative way.


She has a wealth of knowledge and skills unlike anyone I have met before. She isn’t the kind of person who is after your pocketbook because she cares deeply for you and expresses deep kindness. I am honored and blessed to have her in my life because together we are making this world a better place.

Keith (Coach & Author)

Gabriella’s 8-week course helped put me on the path to success. Implementing her program has made it possible to increase my workflow and maximize my time writing. She has helped me to understand branding and how to use it to network. She has provided me access to a professional illustrator to help me bring my book to life. I’ve tried to self-publish in the past and made numerous mistakes.


With Gabriella’s program, I will have the help and mentoring I wish I had back then. All of this coupled with her team’s background and her knowledge of marketing, content creation, social media, and search engine optimization has made her my one and only choice.

—Sol (Author)

She has helped me to understand branding and how to use it to network. 


She has saved me countless hours and time and I am extremely happy.


I cannot express my appreciation and gratitude in finding Gabriella to help me with my dissertation paper.  


She has given me many ideas on how to structure my paper so it's ready for submission.  She has saved me countless hours and time and I am extremely happy.  


She has kept her promise and delivered an excellent product in a timely and professional fashion.  


Anybody looking for any sort of writing, I would highly recommend her.

—Helen (Quantum Doctor)


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