Our Silence Is Complicity (2014)

Today’s students suffer behind closed doors.


Between the ages of 10 and 24

Suicide is the third
leading cause of death

It claims more than 4,600 lives each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While bullying is not the sole cause for suicides within this age range, it is often a factor, with nearly 49% of 4th to 12th grade students report feeling victimized by their peers.

One of the best motivational speakers addressing bullying, Gabriella van Rij, Kindness Expert and Dare To Be Kind Founder, is uniquely positioned to talk about the epidemic. “As someone who has gone, school in school out, throughout North America, I can definitely say suicide is an epidemic of this era. And this is happening with children as young as 7 years old.”

Everyone is unconcerned

Until it hits close to home.

“Everyone I talk with about student suicides seem unconcerned because it has not affected them yet. If it does not hit close to home, it is hard for others to truly show compassion and empathy because they cannot comprehend that their child would do something like this. And then, when it hits close to home, it comes as a shock.” What’s the solution? Gabriella says, “Blame is not a cure. Action is.”

In 2014, Gabriella took action by producing and directing a documentary titled, Our Silence Is Complicity: Today’s Students Suffer Behind Closed Doors to raise awareness on this issue. Through interviews with students and parents, Gabriella provides a window into the emotional battlefield that students across the US must navigate, all of which is magnified by an online social climate where people will do or say anything to gain attention.


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