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Red mountain view
Aug 5, 2019

5 Things I Am Enjoying Right Now

This week's blog is a little more personal to let you know what I am up to, as well as what I am truly enjoying.

July and August are slow months, as everyone is on vacation, going to the beach, etc., so no one is really thinking about which speaker they are going to invite to which corporate event, university, or school. They are all busy with their own things.

So when the opportunity arose to take a little time for “self” before continuing the tour, I found what it is I wanted to do.

1. The first thing I am so thoroughly enjoying is the view; see the cover image for this blog… a beautiful red rocky mountain right in front of me surrounded by luscious trees, cacti, and a few houses. How can you not be inspired to write when you have this amazing view with the things around you that bring you joy?

2. My second enjoyment is being able to write my fourth book! What a milestone to even be able to say that! I am so grateful to be in a house where I can sit and look at that mountain and write to my heart's content or until my hunger overtakes the creative flow. It will be a book based on what kindness is, how it influences our lives, and what happens when there's a lack . Is Kindness all lovey-dovey and weak? Or is it our biggest untapped advantage? You will have to wait till the end of the year to find out. I will keep you in suspense in the meantime. I love the many nuances of words, so this book will be provoking your mind to think of things in a new way and to see which analogy resonates with you.

3. Like I said earlier, sometimes I get hungry while writing, but I keep my favorite snack close by… Sembei is a specific Japanese rice cracker that you can only buy through Amazon if you live outside of Japan. My editor got me hooked on them! There is one other snack I also keep close at hand and these are organic seaweed snacks that are salted and delicious, with few calories but enormous taste. It leaves tiny little green flakes on my writing book. These snacks give me incredible joy. I just smile when I see them!

4. The fourth joy in my life right now is temporary. I am babysitting a dog and a cat.

These are the sweethearts of my daughter and she trusted me enough to keep her dear ones for 3 weeks. I had to adjust a bit because I am used to my tiny mini Maltese, Bella, who needs very little real entertainment. Whereas this beautiful dog comes to put a ball or toy on my lap and waits patiently for me to finish writing my sentence so that I can pick up the ball and throw it. My right arm was a bit out of sorts but is now used to the new muscle activity. The cat needs very little care… They are both sweet and make me smile every day because they do silly things that make me smile.

5. This last one has not brought joy yet as I have not started reading it. My daughter asked me to read a book called The Having. But when I write my own books, the rule is I do not read. One of the things a bit peculiar about me is that I do not read when I am in writing mode because it distracts from my own thought process. But I will read the book this weekend in one go, as I am a pretty fast reader. And I know reading always brings me joy.

So this is how I have been spending my days... Dog and cat care, walking the dog, and throwing ball, then a lot of writing and a little light snacking in between, and staring for hours at this amazing red mountainous rock in front of me.

I hope everyone has a chance to be a bit laid back and to enjoy something special during these summer months!