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Two Questions I'm Asked All The Time

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

There's one question that I hear from almost everyone when I tell them that I'm on the Dare To Be Kind World Tour. They look at me and then look at my car. And then with wide eyes they ask, "Where do you sleep?"

I smile and I point to the car.

Yes, I really sleep in this tent. So if you see me with mismatched socks, don't judge me, OK? Camping can be rough!

The next question I often receive from people who aren't in the US is "If this is a World Tour, why are you still in the US?"

My reply: The US is so, so vast. I have only done a fraction of the States here and have many more to go. At the moment I'm in California, but the vision is that I will eventually make it to countries abroad that are interested!

So if you are interested in hosting and having the movement in your country, contact me at kind-team @ and let's set it up! I want to know where you want me!

It's been a while since I wrote an update, and as we head into summer, I just want to say that the Dare To Be Kind movement always needs you.

You know... traveling through California, surrounded by hypnotically breathtaking views, occasionally I start to feel very small and insignificant.

Seen from my car window.

I can tend to think that what we're doing is just a needle in a haystack. However, within hours someone usually texts me, through Facebook or LinkedIn and they say, "I heard about your movement! It's awesome what you're doing! Keep it up!"

So when I feel like this movement is too big. I tell myself, "No, it's not. Nature is big. What we're doing is not big compared to Nature." That's kind of beautiful, no?

Don't forget that we are trying to help people who feel dehumanized and consequently feel unnoticed, unwanted, and unloved. It is a terrible state to be in. Perhaps as you read this, you are already thinking of someone who might be feeling this way.

Remember, all it takes to bring them around is one smile, one gentle touch, one kind word.

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