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Mar 15, 2019

Home Is Where You Hang Your Hat?

 If you’ve had trouble keeping up with me and the Dare To Be Kind movement, I promise you, I feel the same!

I’ve barely had time to catch my breath since the beginning of the year. So according to the saying “Home is  where you hang your hat,” then my home is France at the moment. But only for a little while.

I wanted to check-in with all the supporters of the Movement because so much has been happening—and it’s thanks to YOU. Please feel proud of what you are helping to accomplish! What started out as a simple website and a platform for sharing stories has continued to evolve with each week that passes.

First, you know that we’re working toward a TV show, and that has been keeping me busy, collecting interviews from people and organizations who are doing 5-star work for others. I want to insert here a plea from me: If you know of someone who deserves recognition for their good work, and you think they might be a good fit for the TV show, please get in touch at kind-team @!

Second, some other great happenings: This week, we posted a fabulous interview with Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto on what it takes to build a resilient city. And this coming Sunday, I’ll be on the air over at WPGH Fox 53, WPNT 22 The Point!, talking about the #D2BK movement.

Finally, before I sign off, a huge shout-out to Allen Cardoza and his radio show. He’s been phenomenal in the support of the movement, and his radio show is always so inspiring, informative, and worth a listen.

Talk again soon!
Wishing you a day filled with Kindness,