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coffee and gifts
Feb 14, 2019

Instead of Chasing Valentine’s Day…

Can we do more than have a Hallmark holiday? Here’s my current thinking on Valentine’s Day…

Today, it has become so commercialized that many people have started to not want to go out on that day because now we are obliged to do more than bring flowers and a card to our loved ones. We seem to have to do everything in grandiose gestures…

And is this a day that is actually at the exclusion of many? For many out there who do not have that special person yet, are we setting them up to be depressed and curl up in their PJs on the couch, watching a Hallmark romance movie?

I truly hope that instead of chasing Valentine’s Day, we can instead incorporate a bit of kindness into this day and all the days to come. This sounds pretty corny, but it is actually difficult. Be patient and kind to the person who is going off the rails across from you. Ask them if they had a difficult day in such a tone that they start laughing and forget that they were just so snippy to you. That is Valentine’s to me: helping to make each and every person you come in contact with feel respected and treated with a dose of kindness. Nothing exaggerated, mind you! Just the simplicity of what you do will carry a long way.

We are in Pittsburgh, PA, with the D2BK Movement, and we were just in an Uber, and because it was Valentine’s Day, our driver gave us a candy bar! Now see, that is not difficult but very considerate and kind. He went out of his way to make us feel welcomed inside of his car.

Mind you, I am not saying you should not have a romantic meal on a special day or “just because”… I am saying, do we need to make it into a public spectacle where we have to outshine each other? Where the gift you are going to get is discussed among colleagues around the coffee machine at the office or wherever your place of work is?

Today, in schools, I hear that girls get really depressed if nobody gives them a card. This starts as early as grade 3. My wish for all of us today, and every day, is that we all put kindness on the map to help those who feel excluded – feel appreciated, noticed, and loved.