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Dare To Be Kind TV Show - Indiegogo Campaign Recap
Feb 4, 2019

Our Indiegogo Was a Success, Thanks to YOU!

You are true kindness instigators!

Amidst all the noise and distractions, somehow you have found the Dare to be Kind Movement and you took that one moment to jump into action, which is part of our slogan. “One moment, one person, one kindness… BE the difference!” As the founder of this movement, I would like to personally thank you all for your contributions, creativity, and ideas to help us during our World Tour. The 3-month mark has just passed… I know, I cannot believe it either! Time flies when you are busy…

Dare to be Kind is a Global Movement where we are asking the world to care… For what you might ask? For all that touches humanity, whether it is a child that is thinking of a fateful step to end their life or an adult who knows they will be homeless in a week or the person who struggles behind closed doors with bipolar or mental health issues. There are so many topics to care about that it all falls under the umbrella of “social issues.”

We are like a sort of mothership, reminding us all to care for each other because none of us ever got anywhere alone. Even though many articles in newspapers and magazines talk about “self-made billionaires,” etc., however, when I take the stage, I like to remind people we all had help getting to where we are presently at in life, whether it is through an education, a job, a dream that is fulfilled—we all had help.

It is this help—which often comes in the form of a simple act of kindness that gave you hope, inspiration, courage, or simply that little push to believe in yourself—that we often forget about.

We all experience self-doubt at some time or another. I experience it, too… Sometimes when there’s a lull or when the movement seems to have lagged, I wonder if anyone is listening to our message, truly listening. And then out of nowhere, someone texts me to tell me that the movement did something that rocked their world.

All of us have been the recipient of an act of kindness at some point in our lives. We know how it feels, and it is remembered long after the person has gone… months, years, and decades later, we remember it with a big smile on our face.

That is what the movement is doing, and we are so grateful to all of you that helped with the Indiegogo, to raise funds for our TV show, and it is because of your donations we will be able to make 2 full episodes!

I also need to thank all our Kindness Instigators for helping us get the word out, both on social media, and other outlets. Gratitude comes to mind while I write this blog, sitting in the comfort of an Airbnb donated by a total stranger because she believes in our message. And last week, a friend let us stay at their home during our talks in her city.

When you read or hear about us, I want you to remember that everyone can participate through:

• Setting up Kindness talks in your city (school, community center, corporation, etc.)

• Sharing our posts on social media

• Sending us people we can interview for our site or our TV show

• Letting us stay with you for one or two nights (or through an Airbnb)

• Giving donations in whatever way you are able…

We will continue to spread kindness and explain how this can become a permanent lifestyle, and how to establish it as one of the best habits to take on in 2019!

And remember, without you this movement does not MOVE!