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stones in the shape of footprints
Aug 26, 2019

Small Customs That Leave Imprints on Our Lives

I texted today with one of my dear friends in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and I realized something beautiful that is still making me smile hours after our texting session.

He had an impact on a new type of music I listen to, and not only at that time but also 7 years later, I still listen to that genre. In this way, he has left a lasting imprint on me.

This made me instantly want to write on this topic. Strangers, friends, and family alike have customs and likes regarding music, books, products, food, and their TV shows. And sometimes, years later, you might call it the “chicken recipe of Gaby” in your household, as one example.

Sometimes you forget where something came from until someone asks you about your tastes and likes. Then you dig back in your memory to that beautiful moment where you heard, saw, or had a new experience because of a stranger, friend, or a family member.

Let me give you an example that happens to me a lot on the road: When I am in the grocery store, I see people in isles looking at a product in their hands and hesitating and sometimes I intervene and say, “Don’t choose that one. It is awful!” But then I grab the one I truly like and say, “This one tastes truly delicious.” This can happen both ways, of course. Many things I try because someone points it out. This is what makes life fun, right?

This short little blog is written in the hope that you start remembering how many customs of other people have seeped into your world on a frequent basis. Music, books, TV shows, or even games you play now with your family, partner, or kids.

There are many customs—as many as there are people in the world… In a way, a total stranger made it into your living room and into the lives of your circle by you taking in one custom of theirs. I find that fascinating…

Please comment in Social Media what your customs or traditions are, so we can share and maybe create new ones on these platforms, too…

To close, I’d love to thank everyone who brought good recipes, books, and music into my life. All three are very important to me. Wherever you are today, know that these are treasured and relived often…