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thanksgiving plate setting
Nov 23, 2017

Create a Magic Moment for Someone This Thanksgiving

My Thanksgiving Thoughts...

Thanksgiving is a moment to stop everything in our busy lives and simply be with family and friends. A moment to reflect on all we do have, while letting go of the small irritations that pop up in life. It is also a time to remember others that are not as blessed as we are and that might be going through really hard times. For example, they might be experiencing the pain of a loved one passing on, or remembering the loved one who is no longer in our midst.

This Thanksgiving my thoughts and prayers go out to my daughter who just lost her father and who is a trooper in handling all the tasks that are in front of her.

Family really matters during the holidays. I adopted the celebration of Thanksgiving a long time ago while living in Canada and I must say my table was always full of people that had nobody to celebrate the holiday with, the reasons are unimportant… But the action of opening your door and celebrating with family and strangers alike is the most beautiful gift of this celebration to me.

In my case, my school bestie happened to be in town and asked me to join in her Thanksgiving with her friends, and I thought what if everyone could do that? What if every family that celebrates Thanksgiving invites one person who is alone to their table? Do you think this could be possible? That one person sitting at your table would feel included and would go home afterwards with a warm heart and a new oomph in their step. That person will be invigorated from having seen and experienced the love of family around a table.

Maybe I am silly to wish this, but I really believe that it is actually so simple to be kind and inclusive to all. Most of us know how incredibly blessed we are, so inviting that one person should be easy for us to do. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and say, “There is a place setting for you at our table on Thanksgiving.” And just watch what happens! It will be magic! Of course, the person first will sputter and say no, that is the human embarrassment of hiding our emotions.  However, if you insist, the person will say yes after a while and long after you hung up will still be in awe of your kindness and inclusiveness.

This is my personal wish for all: Invite that one person that you know is alone to share in the joy of being together. Go out there and just do it.

Kindness will only grow more Kindness. I personally wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.