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Polka Dot Women
Jun 25, 2019

The Beauty of These Women

I have just spent most of last week talking to different women’s groups in the San Francisco Bay Area in California and I noticed something significant.

All the women had one thing in common: they wanted to do something good in the world, to find ways to assist...

--Other women
--The environment
--Education issues
--Health concerns, especially holistic healing

No matter the subject matter, they all astutely desired to assist in healing the world and thus making it a safer and healthier place for all who live in it. The other interesting point they all had in common, aside from 1 woman, they were all above 40 years old.

Which brings me to one of the steps that I teach “dare to step into you.” They all dared and boldly stepped into who they are without being apologetic. I thought the energy in the room was electric. I felt their passion, their motives, their need to make it happen!

After having a few days to reflect on it, I realized they, just like I, have gone through traumas, pain, joy, and the ups and down of life itself. Self-doubt, being put in a box, being told they are not good enough, all of them have heard the same sort of messages during previous moments in their lives, but no matter what they heard, they decided that they were more than good enough.

It is almost as if the need to help heal the world was stronger than all the negativity they heard about themselves, as if it gave them the strength, or, like I call it, their might to move forward.

“The might to step into who they are and make their voices heard and actions felt.”

That is what I heard in the room filled with Polka Dot Powerhouse women… In one word, astonishing to understand and take in almost immediately upon meeting them and entering the room. They knew they are the difference in their lives and that of others.

Not any of the usual competition with women was in that room, quite the opposite! Every single one of them was there to assist, guide, and mentor the others in the room. The camaraderie could be felt. I have rarely seen this anywhere… This is why I wanted to write about it. Not only to acknowledge them but also in the hopes that other women’s groups out there might have an example of how to get things done!

A big shout-out to their Managing Director of the San Mateo Chapter, Karen Hoffmann, who passionately wants each and every woman in that group to succeed beyond their wildest dreams and whom I can proudly call my friend.

Thank you, Karen! And to all the Polka Dot Powerhouse women, all of you are a true testament that the world needs you so that the world can become a place we are all proud to live in and leave in the hands of the next generation when our time comes.

With Kindness,