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Dec 17, 2018

The Giving Month

This last month, more than one person has said to me, “I have enough, I want to give back.”

I stand in silence, a deep respect and warmth seeps its way into me. Grateful to hear this…

The makeup of a country is not the negative news, people! It is this, the people that give because they want to help the suffering they see around them in their own 2-mile radius. They want a better world for all. I realize that no organization out there can survive or do good without the volunteers that are the backbone of the organization and the giving. These volunteers give their time, smiles, and good humor and disposition to others for causes that they are passionate about.

The common denominator I have found everywhere is in the word “giving,” both in the individuals as well as in the organizations. Someone said: “the suffering brings us together”… I believe that when we see others suffering, this brings out our compassion and innate kindness when we suddenly realize we are well off and can willingly and freely give to others, knowing that this might actually help one (or more) individuals.

No, not just once, but with strength and tenacity to see the projects through week after week. Volunteerism is alive and well in America…

And for those of you that read this and think “What can I do?” We need everyone’s knowledge and skills. Remember it takes a village! There is so much to do out there, just feeding those who are disadvantaged and hungry takes an army of volunteers in every state and I have been lucky to work for a day next to some of these volunteers and shake their hand and tell them that what they are doing is making a huge impact on that one person who will never forget their kindness.

These volunteers should be in the news every day, and that is what the Dare To Be Kind TV show will do, as through them we get other ideas of how we can also help our communities in our 2-mile radius.

I would like to take a moment and pause and reflect on what I remember each day when I get in the car and drive away to another location… It is the faces of the people I have just met.

An update on the tour: Yes, I am still in the US. America is a very vast country and it will take a little bit of time to get around, but I will eventually get to the other countries, too, in and around March 2019, hopefully. The people I have met, even though they are often a bit surprised to hear what the D2BK Movement is doing, they are very supportive of bringing back Kindness with a capital K to their 2-mile radius.

The emotions of belonging and kindness are finding resonance with everyone I meet. We might not all know how to solve all the world’s problems but we seem to all agree that we have to start with taking away our fears of each other. And what better way than to start with kindness for each other.

All the places I have seen and the people I have met: soup kitchens, veterans, veterans’ families, homeless individuals, students, hospitals, they all have a story. The common denominator of the stories is love, family, & some form of security. No matter if they were born here, immigrants who came 50 years ago, or newly arrived refugees. The wishes are all the same…

When I leave some of these places, my heart is strengthened by the belief that they want to care. Even though it might look or seem like the world does not care. But boy they do care!

As the year comes to a close, we are all more reflective, for those of you that are on the fence about the power of kindness, I leave you with one thought: kindness is one of the most untapped advantages in each and everyone’s life!

Stay tuned and encourage us to stay on the road,


Founder of the Dare to be Kind Movement


Aka D2BK

P.S.: Don’t have time to volunteer during this month of giving? Why not consider gifting a home-cooked meal to someone who may be feeling unnoticed, unwanted, or unloved and who could use the warmth of a home-cooked meal? Go here -->