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Man with a delivery
Jan 6, 2019

The People Behind Our Gifts

The forgotten people behind our desires...

We are exactly an entire week into the New Year and you are likely busy living your life as I am. I would love to do this blog on the “forgotten people,” because without this group of people we would not have had such an incredible holiday. Wondering what the heck am I talking about? Forgotten people and holidays?

The gifts that have magically shown up on everyone’s doorstep this last month…

The forgotten people are the ones that deliver these gifts and that work with dedication and due diligence to make it all happen in the background. I have a personal friend who works for FedEx who has told me more than once that when the holiday season rolls in, the hours are long and grueling. I asked her jokingly if she tosses the last deliveries of the season onto the front step? And she answered only, “If you want to get fired!” Ha! A good sense of humor my friend has.

But seriously… Many work on Christmas Day until late after midnight, and we seem to not even notice. This is what the Dare to be Kind movement would like to showcase this week. The incredible people who we do not see that are behind so much joy during the holidays.

FedEx, UPS, and Postal Services combined step it up and work hard to make the holidays happen for others. You might say, ”Well, it is their job to do that.” But it is more than that. It is true crunch time. Many customers order too late, and I am guilty of this too and still expect that the package miraculously arrives under the Christmas tree at family or friends’ locations around the world.

At one warehouse facility, I heard that 100,000 packages an hour are being processed, which works out to be about 1,700 a minute. That is mind boggling to me! And these numbers are at just one warehouse… Can you imagine what the numbers are worldwide? Sales online are only going up not down…

I would like to personally thank each and every person behind the packages that have arrived at their destinations. You continue consistently to bring us what we desire right to our front door through a simple push of a button. Thank you!