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Christmas lights and church
Dec 24, 2018

The Perfect Gift

How stressed out do we get over the holidays?

Trying to put on a perfect meal, to find the perfect gift, and last but not least, to decorate your home the perfect way…

Is this truly what Christmas is about or is it what we as a society made it into?

Is all of it truly important, when we sit at our Christmas meal? Nobody will notice if something is not perfect, they will only notice the happy faces around the table. You are creating the moments that will be etched in your children’s memories for a lifetime. It is also about remembering the people that are not around your table this year but that are in your thoughts.

Is this the perfect gift?

When I ask people from around the world what they remember about their childhood Christmases, nobody ever remembers their gifts but they all remember the lights, the tree, the food, and above all the people that were present. And their faces light up when they recount their stories to me.

As the founder of the Dare to be Kind Movement, I am very much in appreciation of the people I have met that choose to help others to fulfill the holiday spirit within themselves. And during my last 2 months of travel on the road, I have seen such generosity of that firsthand!

My conclusion of the true meaning of Christmas is that it is not about what we can gift to others but it is about how we can be of help to others.