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Dare To Be Kind
Apr 23, 2018

What Are You Willing to Do to Create a Safer World?

What is the #DaretobeKind movement? Why have I created a platform for sharing stories—the ugly, sad, and beautiful? And what good could sharing your story possibly do to increase kindness in the world?

To answer these questions, I hope you will take a handful of seconds to read my story.

At the tender age of 3, I was adopted from an orphanage in Pakistan into a Dutch family.

Life in Holland among blond-haired, blue-eyed giants was not a fairytale story for this short, dark-skinned girl who had to learn a new language quickly. From my first day at school, I was called “Peanut butter... Paki... Four-eyes….” The hurtful words and cruel physical tactics that were thrown at me at such a young age, I recall it all as if it happened yesterday.

My new family had a complex set of issues that led to me feeling like I was always looking in. I lived the first half of my life dealing with the daily barbs of only being tolerated by a family and school environment.

Under such circumstances, every rare touch of kindness I received was something I held close to my young heart and treasured. Those moments when someone was kind, however brief, stayed with me. Whenever I was sad, I would pull out those memories of kindness and they would lift me up and give me hope.

 The definition of kindness for me is when a person goes out of their way to see the need in another person, whatever that may be and then act upon it by…

- Making time

- Acknowledging

- Listening

You might never know the outcome of your act of kindness. But to that person, your kindness will be etched in their memory forever. That person, perhaps unknowingly, will go on to mimic what they just received, creating the ripple effect of kindness.

We are all students of this lifetime. We are all trying to find our way with trial and error.

When we share our stories, we remind each other (1) we are not alone, (2) we are capable, and (3) we are the solution.

Every inspiring story that showcases the good in humanity sparks further ideas of how we each can BE the difference in our corner of the globe.

Where is kindness going to take us?

Imagine a safer world. What does it look like to you? What would you give up to see that happen?

What would it take for us to achieve…

- no more school shootings…

- no more student suicides…

- no more refugees or wars…

- no more isolation…

- no more bullying or harassment…

- no more discrimination…

I believe safer communities and a life that can be lived without fear are desires that exist inside every person around the globe.

With so many of us wanting the same thing, what is missing?

You. And me.

The vision is a safer world. The method is Kindness. The vehicle is you and me.

Without further ado, here is the mission statement of the #DaretobeKind platform that launches today…

#DaretobeKind a Global Movement’s Mission Statement

The mission of “#DaretobeKind - a Global Movement” is to reveal how Kindness can be used in practical ways to build safer communities and healthier relationships.

We believe one person’s purposeful act of Kindness within a two-mile radius can launch positive and exceptional outcomes within governments, industries, justice systems, and throughout every sector of society.

By providing a platform for sharing Kindness ideas and inspirational readers’ stories, our aim is to shift everyone into becoming Kindness Instigators.

Every inspiring story that showcases the good in humanity sparks further ideas of how we each can #BEthedifference in our corner of the globe.

Now is the time for Kindness to grow more Kindness.

The vision is a SAFER world.

The method is KINDNESS.

The vehicle is YOU!