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Apr 11, 2018

What to Do When Kindness Seems Elusive

Kindness seems elusive to most of us, like a magician performing a difficult trick!

We often think it is something others are capable of, but not ourselves.

Instead of walking around feeling incapable, let me shed some light on how to achieve kindness through simple steps that anyone can do.

1. See and notice people in your surroundings

2. Then take that one moment to act

3. Give the time needed to be kind

4. Acknowledge the person

5. Really listen…

Through these 5 little steps, you have given the most valuable gift of all: YOU.

You might never know the outcome of your actions as you continue on your path, however, the recipient will remember the kindness bestowed on them. It will be etched in their memory. I know this is true because it happened to me.

You might think to yourself this all sounds great, but why invest your time and effort without knowing whether the act will be appreciated? My answer is simple: invest in people, not your expectation of the outcome.

Kindness is a moment with no strings attached, no rulebook, no conditions. It is a gift that the other person might recognize on the spot, or it could take one week, one month, or even years.

One thing is clear about these steps: We must be present. We cannot see and observe the world around us when we are occupied with dealing with the past or the future. To see and be aware, we must be in the present. Every bit of you must be “awake,” so to speak.

Secondly, you don’t have to worry whether you have it in you. I firmly believe Kindness is innate in all of us from birth. No manual necessary. And the good news is nobody will “grade” you.

Kindness is a beautiful forgotten part of us. But, just like activating a new muscle, the more you use it, the more you will do it, and the easier it gets. Not only the recipient benefits, but you as
the giver also benefit from your kind interactions with others.

The benefits to the giver of Kindness:

· You feel happy

· You are confident

· You become compassionate

The benefits to the recipient of Kindness:

· They feel less alone

· They feel more capable

· They feel one inch taller on the inside

Both walk away with a smile… that is the power of Kindness.

Share your kindness story, whether a time when you were the recipient or the giver. The #DaretobeKind movement wants to hear your stories! Find the movement online here:


Kindness only grows more kindness.