Kindness Expert.

GLOBAL Keynote Speaker.

Drawing from groundbreaking science, her immense cross-cultural experience, and her signature humor, Gabriella van Rij inspires organizations to tap into the power of kindness—the most underutilized skill in today’s world.  

Whether in front of a large audience, the boardroom, or a university auditorium, Gabriella is a catalyst for change in organizations large and small. Her keynotes encourage listeners to take action against intolerance, harassment, and bias. Additionally, her ability to give talks in French, Dutch, and English make her a motivational speaker sought after across the globe.

The founder of the growing Dare To Be Kind Movement, she has chosen to speak about social topics such as diversity, tolerance, workplace harassment, communication, bullying, and women’s empowerment. For those seeking to deepen their understanding of an issue, she offers follow up and executive coaching.

More Than a Speaker...

Why Choose Gabriella?

Adopted by a Dutch family from an orphanage in Pakistan, Gabriella’s life story is as inspirational as it is unique and has provided her with undeniable insights to share. Her experiences and background have spurred her to become a relentless champion of kindness and an expert on its lasting impact on our work lives, our personal growth, and our society.

Her story and subject matter expertise have captivated millions on Dr. Phil, ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX.  

This global kindness authority is also the author of three books. Her latest, Watch Your Delivery, combines original research with business know-how to provide organizations with a powerful guide to stronger communication.



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Acceptance Is Your Business’s Biggest Untapped Advantage
And how to foster it from the boardroom to the breakroom

Tolerance is one of the most misunderstood and intolerant notions that exists in the workplace today. In this immersive keynote, Gabriella helps organizations:

  • Understand the immense, concrete benefits of diversity in the workplace

  • Identify the difference between “tolerance” and “acceptance”

  • Discover the power of kindness to foster diversity and acceptance

  • Implement a simple, proven system for measuring success in kindness and acceptance

Ideal for: HR departments, management teams, and any organization that wants to harness the power of kindness, acceptance, and diversity to gain a competitive edge.

Watch Your Delivery: Secrets to Effective Communication
Optimize your communication for success by developing the habits of top communicators.

Workplace culture and communication has become a crucial aspect of business sustainability, staff satisfaction and retention. Drawing from her popular book Watch Your Delivery, Gabriella delivers an engrossing keynote that empowers organizations to:

  • Understand the difference between opinions and judgments

  • Improve communication at all levels

  • Create a transparent and respectful environment

  • Develop and implement an action plan for preventing workplace harassment

Ideal for: Professionals in Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, start-ups, sales persons, upper management, and marketing professionals who want to eradicate common communication pitfalls that could be hindering their success. Plus a simple method to instantly improve their listening and communication skills.

The Price of Harassment at Work
Creating a safe and accepting environment for all employees

Workplace harassment comes with a dire consequence to not only staff but to the company’s culture and its productivity. Drawing from her experience, Gabriella empowers organizations to:

  • Understand the root cause of harassment

  • Improve communication between colleagues

  • Create a safe and respectful workplace

  • Implement an action plan for preventing workplace harassment

“Gabriella has some amazing insight in combination with her real life experiences. When she spoke of how an entire group can give someone the silent treatment, all knowing what is taking place but not saying anything about it, it really struck home with me, as she explained that too is bullying.”


Ideal for: Organizations, businesses, and corporations that want to create a healthy, empowered business environment, minimize staff turnover rates, bridge the gender gap, and promote workplace diversity to increase retention and productivity.

Creating a Kindness Culture in the Workplace
A work environment where inclusion thrives

This keynote focuses on the different methods to develop kindness in the workplace by becoming an active witness, by owning your uniqueness, and by becoming a kindness instigator through addressing the following:

  • The role kindness plays in creating a community and work environment where all feel safe and accepted by others

  • Hindrances to kindness in the workplace

  • What kindness looks like in the workplace, practical applications

  • Empathy and learning to shift your perception to see the other’s perspective

  • How making it about them, not about you, will help you be a better communicator

“[Gabriella’s seminar] helped our members remember that we all have a role to play in creating supportive work environments in concert with our colleagues – and it begins with each individual’s commitment to kindness.”

—Christine Regan Davi, VP, sales, Product Quest and WISE professional development committee member

Ideal for: HR departments, management teams, and any organization that wants to harness the power of kindness, acceptance, and diversity to gain a competitive edge. To gain a deep understanding of the importance kindness plays in your work environment where all feel safe and accepted by others.

Women Are Your Organization’s Competitive Edge
How to integrate their skills and culture into the workplace

Women have developed an uncanny fortitude through their long struggle against workplace biases and the lingering gender gap. Yet the biases that continue to exist within office walls have negative consequences for growth and success at every level. Gabriella breaks through gender barriers with this inspiring keynote, empowering organizations to:

  • Identify and incorporate the special skills women bring to the team

  • Foster respect and appreciation for diverse cultures

  • Empower women to maintain their own culture to help the company thrive

  • Take action to prevent harassment in the workplace

Ideal for: Women professionals in Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, top industry groups, associations, government, and trade organizations who wish to experience a breakthrough at work or at home.

Losing Fear, Finding Purpose
How your pain can point you toward your life’s purpose

Learn how dealing with racism and intolerance led to one woman finding her passion and how you, too, can use your pain to find your life’s purpose. Gabriella’s unique story will resonate with many. It will empower and show those struggling a path to finding their own might through:

  • Embracing your adversity

  • Discovering how we disengage

  • Learning how to conform without losing self

  • Taking ownership of one’s uniqueness

  • How your pain can become your greatest strength

Ideal for: Women’s organizations, at-risk youths, university graduation keynotes and organizations who wish to provide their audience with the mental and emotional tools to finding their life’s purpose.

Youth Programs
How we help the youth of today

Nearly 49% of 4th to 12th grade students report being victimized by bullying. Gabriella helps students and institutions recognize the often-silent signs of harassment; develop a safe environment of open, honest communication; create a game plan to eliminate and prevent future bullying; showcase how the bully and the victim are mirror images of each other; target bullying and cyber torment with kindness, respect, and etiquette

Ideal for: Principals, educators, and student groups who want to foster a positive environment of mutual respect and safety.

One Sheet
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Tap into the power of kindness—the most underutilized skill in today’s world.

Personal Growth

The untapped advantage in your workplace and in your personal life

Safer Workspaces

Get a proven system for fostering diversity and acceptance

Improved Relationships

Implement kindness daily for effective & successful communications

Enhanced Connections

Use empathy and ownership to create connections that thrive

Yesterday’s experience for my middle school students was eye-opening and heart-felt! Gabriella’s thoughts and ideas hit home for many, and her anti-bullying message was heard by all. When she spoke, you could hear a pin drop, so I know that their hearts were listening! Thank you so much for your visit to PS 232Q!

—Lisa A. Josephson, Principal, P.S. 232Q

Gabriella van Rij captures the importance kindness plays in our lives. [She] goes beyond civility to help us each consider the actions we take on any given day that can positively impact the people around us. Her presentation connected with students, faculty, and staff. To gauge her impact, all you have to do is watch all the people line up to talk with her. It is something special to witness.
—Tim Wynes, President, Black Hawk College

Using the portable microphone, Gabriella moved among members, adroitly using PowerPoint to augment her ideas on kindness. … The applause as the presentation ended was a clear indication that Gabriella had “hit a homer.” Members thanked her with many smiles in gratitude for her outstanding presentation.
—The Gimlet, Rotary Club of Duluth • Vol. 103, No. 30 • January 17, 2019

Gabriella’s WISE Webinar, Creating a Kindness Culture in the Workplace, helped our members remember that we all have a role to play in creating supportive work environments in concert with our colleagues – and it begins with each individual’s commitment to kindness. Her presentation radiated with an enthusiasm that I found infectious – I couldn’t help but find myself smiling throughout the Webinar. Gabriella lit up our audience’s Webinar screens with inspiring content and a beautiful delivery (her live video appearance made the event all the more interactive and engaging!).
—Christine Regan Davi, VP, sales, Product Quest and WISE professional development committee member