Dare to Be Kind - A global Movement



What is the Dare to Be
Kind movement?

The #DaretobeKind movement was founded by Gabriella van Rij, author, kindness expert, and the top motivational speaker on kindness. The movement's overarching goal is to show how kindness can be used in practical ways to build safer communities and healthier relationships. Gabriella uses the following methods to achieve its purpose: 

  1. Gabriella brings her 4-step “Make Kindness Your Choice Program” to schools and community centers across the US. Additionally, she teaches corporations how to tap into kindness, the most underutilized skill in the world.
  2. Gabriella creates webisodes and conducts interviews, talks, events, and solicits media coverage that educates and raises awareness on the necessity of kindness.
  3. The #DaretobeKind site was launched in early 2018. The site's strong user-oriented platform places an emphasis on sharing stories as the key to acceptance. "Because it is through this sharing of stories we become aware: (a) we are not alone (b) we are capable and (c) we are the solution," says Gabriella.
  4. Take up the #DaretobeKind Challenge: One act of kindness within your personal two-mile radius!

One Moment, One Person, One Kindness…

BE the difference!

Gabriella extends the kindness challenge to everyone! No props, membership fees, or fiddling required. Find one person within a two-mile radius who could use a little kindness boost. Then take action. Kindness is a choice. 

Now is the time for Kindness to grow more Kindness.
The vision is a SAFER world.
The method is KINDNESS.
The vehicle is YOU.

Share your story with us!

Dare to stand for Kindness because it's the key to safer communities.