Gabriella’s Latest Book

A Manifesto On Tolerance


Misused And Misunderstood

Tolerance Does Not
Equal Acceptance

“No one wants to be considered a pain or a hardship. But this is exactly what we do when we practice only tolerance of others. What if I were to tell you that tolerance is just a very polite way of being intolerant?”
Gabriella van Rij, kindness expert and public speaker, experienced the ugly nature of tolerance growing up as a misfit. Born to a Muslim mother, the first three years of Gabriella’s life were spent in a Catholic orphanage in Pakistan before she was adopted into a Dutch family right before globalization swept Europe. “When you are only tolerated you hear and instinctively feel it in the tone that is used! This is not necessarily an angry tone but could be a dismissive tone… When you are only tolerated, you don’t feel good enough, you don’t feel like you belong.”

Coming Soon

A Radical Approach To Tolerance

Gabriella’s fourth book tackles this timely topic that is increasingly relevant in this climate and culture where diversity has become a polarizing issue. In the face of this tension, one of the top motivational speakers reveals to us how everyone is susceptible and how to live without perpetuating hate.

Her book will cover…

  • The ugly face of tolerance and how we’re all vulnerable

  • How learned behaviors play a role in our split-second judgments:

  • Why biases are easier to shed then culture

  • How fear hinders progress and change

  • The difference between opinions and judgements

  • How to go from tolerance to acceptance

  • Exposing limiting thought patterns and beliefs

This book will shine a light on how to move beyond mere tolerance and into acceptance.

Publication date to be announced soon.